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A2 Curd

A2 Curd

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What is A2 Milk?

A2 is basically protein which is found in milk of our Desi indigenous cows. While other hybrid cows have both A1 & A2 protein in their milk.

Is A2 safe for kids ?

Yes, Protein structure of A2 milk is similar to human breast milk, hence considered safe for babies.

Do you have any certification for A2 milk ?

Yes, we are glad to inform, that we have done genetical testing of Our gir cows, which ensure they are GMO Free ( Genetically Modified Organisms)

What's difference between your ghee & regular market ghee ?

Our A2 ghee is made from bilona method and not from cream.Around 25-30 litres of milk is required to make 1litre of A2 ghee, While regular market ghee is made from cream and does not contain true nutrition and values.

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