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About Us

We Started with a simple concept of providing milk that is Pure, Natural and Unadulterated.
Milk is an integral part of our life's, with all its nutrition values and health benefits, drinking milk daily has been our tradition from a long time.
But As the demand of milk increasing the concern over milk quality has also been increased.Many surveys says Maximum amount of milk consumed in India is mostly adulterated.
So we took this as an challenge and started this initiative of providing the milk that is Unadulterated, Pure and Safe to Consume.

With an family of 20 farmers and 500+ gir cows, we are running with a mission to reach out people who are looking for an healthy milk option.
Our vision is to become the most trustable dairy farm in this growing A2 culture. We are doing this role by Educating and awaring maximum people about the A2 Milk and it's benefits.

" Here , For a change "

Area we Serve