How much milk you should give to toddlers?

How much milk you should give to toddlers?

 Many people have a problem about how much milk should be given to toddlers child, so let us tell you that how much milk should be given to a toddlers, it depends not only on their body but also on their age. The amount of milk a baby increases every month since birth for about 1 year. Milk is given to babies below the age of 1 year as it is considered very beneficial for them. In the early days of birth, it is very important to feed the babies properly, that is why it is necessary for them to give milk in the right way. Apart from milk, the baby also needs nutritious food so that they can get enough calcium and iron.


Here we have told according to their age, at what time they should be given what kind of nutritious food which is right for their body. Because getting the right diet at the right time is very important for children, otherwise they can become weak.


For babies 0 to 6 months :

From the time of toddlers to about 6 months, breast milk is considered the most nutritious food for babies. Because all the essential nutrients are found in breast milk. Those toddlers who cannot be fed their mother’s milk, then their parents should get them to consume formula milk according to their requirement.


For babies from 6 to 24 months :

For children of this age, along with milk, various types of hard food should also be started. Like meat, fish, egg, green vegetables, green greens, all these things come in the strict diet which is very important for the growing age children. In addition to milk, it is necessary to give hard cereals to 24-month-old babies. For babies of this time, the need for breast milk is less, but you can feed it.


For children of 2 to 5 years :

Children of 2 to 5 years should start eating their food with their family. Because with increasing age, they need to maintain the balance of food. Due to lack of essential nutrients, there may be some problems in the growing body of the child. That is why along with time, they should also take care of their nutritious diet.


Different amounts of milk should be given to babies of different months because with the age of the toddlers, it is necessary to increase the quantity of their milk like for children of 1 to 5 years  360 to 480 grams of milk is suitable for them as this amount of milk is considered appropriate to complete their nutritious diet. You have to give so many grams of milk about 2 to 4 times in a day so that they can get enough calcium. Cow’s milk is not considered suitable for toddlers below 1 year of age. For them only breast milk or formula milk is considered appropriate. Cow’s milk can be given to children of 2 years and above.


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