A2 Cow Milk and its benefits

A2 Cow Milk and its benefits

A2 milk is very beneficial, it can reduce swelling and irritation.  This milk proves to be very beneficial to the digestive system.  After drinking the rest of the milk, it is very difficult to digest it, but A2 milk has anti-inflammatory properties. A2 milk is rich in protein but protein is found in less quantity in A1 milk.  For young children, their mother’s milk is considered the most nutritious food.


 Protein in milk is considered in the form of β-casein.  These proteins are of two types, first A1 and second A2, both of them are structured with different types of amino acids.  Special desi cows which are a major breed produce only A2 casein milk.  It is very popular in the present times because it is proving to be very beneficial for health.  Casein is found in both A1 and A2. Drinking A2 milk has a very good effect on the health of our body.  It has many benefits which are very good for our body which is as follows –


  1. A2 milk contains a high amount of protein which proves beneficial for our body. According to statistics, this milk has the highest amount of protein which is not found in any other milk.  Protein keeps muscles strong.


  1. Drinking A2 milk increases the immunity of the body. Due to this, we get the strength to fight diseases.


  1. This milk helps in keeping our digestive system right. Due to this, the burning sensation in the stomach gets relief and the stomach gets cold.


  1. Beta-casein protein is found in this milk which has a very good effect on human health. This milk is produced by special breeds of cows.


  1. The milk of the desi cow acts like an elixir for the health of our eyes, our heart as well as the whole body.


  1. A2 milk helps a lot in keeping your heart blood pressure healthy. The amount of potassium found in it maintains your blood pressure in the right amount.  It helps to keep your cholesterol level low.


  1. It is also helpful in reducing your acidity. According to the data, people who used to see the problem of acidity earlier, now have it reduced.  It keeps the digestive system of your stomach clean.


  1. A2 milk has proved to help keep your immune system strong as well. Just as vitamin A helps in keeping your body strong, in the same way, it regularly improves the immune system of milk.


  1. A2 milk contains 122 calories, 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and zero fiber. All these things are considered nutritious food for the body.



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