A2 cow ghee Is it healthier than regular ghee?

A2 cow ghee Is it healthier than regular ghee?

Everyone knows that consuming ghee is beneficial for health. Ghee is used in very large quantities in India. Everyone is aware of the quality of Ghee but this question is very important that is A2 Desi Ghee more healthful than other regular Ghee? Which ghee is more beneficial to consume? If A2 Ghee is more beneficial than other Ghee then what is the reason for it?


A2 Ghee is very beneficial as compared to regular di sold in other markets, it contains more nutrients than other Ghee which are very beneficial for the body. A2 Desi Ghee strengthens the body and increases its ability to fight diseases. Generally, both A1 and A2 proteins are found in cow’s milk. Modern researchers believe that A2 protein is more beneficial than A1 protein. It is believed that the amount of A2 protein is found in the milk of indigenous cow, which makes it more beneficial. Thus desi ghee made from desi cow’s milk i.e. A2 ghee also has more amount of A2 vitamin as compared to other ghee which makes it more valuable and healthier.


A2 Desi Ghee is more beneficial than any ordinary Ghee. It contains fatty acids like omega-3 and 9, which work to remove disorders in the balance and health of the brain. Putting a drop of desi ghee in the nose cures allergies. Apart from this, it also reduces insanity. The disease of paralysis can also be removed by putting desi ghee in the nose. Putting cow’s desi ghee in the ear, the eardrum gets cured without operation. In such a situation, there are many other benefits of cow’s desi ghee.


During the production of regular ghee sold in the market, many types of adulteration are done in it. To produce more quantity of ghee, more milk is required, for which they give injection to cows, so that milk production is more and at the time of its production, many types of adulteration are done to increase the quantity of ghee. We cannot say that this ghee will be injurious to health but it is less beneficial than desi ghee because it is adulterated. There are many such facts in which we come to know that A2 Ghee is more beneficial.


  1. Maintain cholesterol level:

Omega 3 fatty acid found in A2 desi ghee is very beneficial for heart diseases. It strengthens the heart muscle. This ghee has HDL in the body which helps in the formation of cholesterol which helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and provides disease fighting ability.


      2.Maintain immunity power:

We can increase our immunity power by consuming A2 Desi Ghee. The nutritious element present in it provides strength to our body and increases immunity. It also works as an immunity booster.


      3.Maintain digesting system:

Consumption of desi ghee enhances our digestion capacity and makes our stomach strong.  By consuming it, we can avoid indigestion.  It gives us the ability to digest any kind of food.



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